Overcoming Natural Disasters

This is the question I've had to ask myself many times during natural disasters just to get by and back to a place of peace and acceptance about moving through all of it with less anger and fear of what’s ahead.
At first it feels like trauma by way of forced separation between us and the things that give us comfort.  Being forced to release ourselves from our material attachments is probably one of the hardest things because of the precious memories or material attainment they represent. When we rely on material things for comfort, this separation feels like the worst thing in the world.  However, having that separation also brings us back to remembering that life itself is a gift and that good health is far more important than any material item we could own.  
Natural disaster forces us to take stock in our life and clean out what no longer serves us.  We regain a newfound freedom in our life when we begin to feel gratitude for simply being alive and releasing the parts of our s…

My Reiki Journey - Part 11: Importance of Permission

The reiki practice attracts and develops healers, and sometimes healers just want to help everyone who appears to be in need.  However, it's very important for us to recognize that there are people out there who DON'T want to be healed and DON'T want help in their suffering.  When you have personally benefitted from healing, you think, why would anyone NOT want healing!?

For some people, the side benefits of experiencing suffering are actually greater or more comforting than being healthy.  Consider someone who receives intensive care when they are ill, but feels lonely and forgotten when they aren't receiving care.  Consider the person who can have a flexible schedule or more control over what they do and don't want to do if they are disabled.  Sometimes the support people receive in suffering is much more comforting than the demands or independence of not suffering.
Obviously this is not the case for people who WANT to be healed and who WANT to feel free and at …

Rock-a-Bye Baby - Reiki Healing Moment

During a normal distance session for a client that revealed some difficulty breathing in the lungs, some posture corrections for self-healing guidance, and some medical intuitive findings for the client to discuss with their medical practitioner, it seemed we had a great session that really moved a lot of energy that was stagnant as well as activated some additional solutions for the client to consider for their own self-care.

As I was closing the session and getting ready to disconnect energetically, something odd started happening.  My body started physically rocking back and forth on my couch, as if a magnet was pushing and pulling me in a rocking chair.  At first I thought it was just my own natural desire to stretch and move after being in an intensive energetic connection, but when I tried to consciously stop the movement, I felt like I couldn't stop it.  It didn't feel bad, just so much like the feeling of being in a rocking chair that I couldn't ignore it or just…

Healing My Acne & Cysts With Dietary Changes - My Physical Healing Journey

I used to eat the worst foods, yet I was a skinny 135lbs as a 5'10" teenager and by all medical measures, I was considered a very healthy person who could even stand to gain some weight, so it didn't seem to matter what I ate.  However, it actually did matter and it was affecting my body, I just didn't link the symptoms to the causes, because doctors refused to acknowledge any nutritional relationships they couldn't prove across hundreds of different people through medical research, and I wasn't body-aware enough at the time to understand how to observe myself and my relationship to food and drink.

I had acne, cysts, and benign tumors.  The acne occurred on my face and upper back.  The cysts were on my neck, chest, and underarms.  The benign tumors were in my breasts and occasionally made a random appearance elsewhere.  I started to believe these conditions were permanent, since medical treatments only created temporary relief and never eliminated the problem…

Wings of Forgiveness - Reiki Healing Moment

One evening during a NYC Reiki Meditation & Relaxation Circle, a regular circle attendee brought a friend in to join for the evening.  This was the first reiki healing experience for the friend, and she naturally came in with no idea of what to expect other than some meditation and perhaps some idea of what the reiki share portion looks like with a gentle hands-on touch.

At the beginning of the circle, I ask everyone to set a healing intention for themselves that the group will honor together.  The friend's expressed intention was around healing her feelings of anger.  Nothing more was said, and nothing more needed to be said.

We do some deep breathing work, then a guided meditation, and then ask anyone who would like to receive a reiki hands-on treatment to pair up with one of the reiki practitioners in the circle.  This particular evening, we were just focusing on doing some intensive work on shoulders, where people tend to carry a lot of stress and responsibility.

I happen…

My Reiki Journey - Part 10: Developing A Sensory Language

Reiki training gives us a basic framework in which to shape the experience of our reiki practice, but it is our continued practice that gives us the deeper sensory language and more detailed set of experiences through which to understand and communicate what is happening during reiki sessions.

Initially, I only sensed changes in temperature, then as I practiced more I began to sense tingling.  This meant that initially, I could only communicate basic sensory changes to clients, but with even more practice, I began to notice that sometimes that tingling had more of a pulse that could change over a short period of healing focus.  As my experiences grew, my ability to be more acute in what I was sensing started to grow as well.  I started to notice that I wasn't just feeling the sensations in my hands, that sometimes I would feel it in other areas of my own body, which would help provide additional information that wasn't available just through what I could feel in my hands.  Si…

Letting The Cat Out of The Liver Bag - Reiki Healing Moment

A client comes in expressing feeling out of whack after the holidays with an intensive restart at work and expresses the healing intention to get back into alignment and focus more on self-care and wellness.  They're feeling off to a good new year start by booking the reiki session as a time for self-care and healing into their work week.

As I begin an overall energy body scan with my hands, I immediately start to notice that a few chakras are really out of balance, which might relate to some relationship or communication challenges, but otherwise the client's body feels overall healthy and doing well.  At this point, it appears that I'll just be focusing reiki healing on bringing those chakras back into balance, along with doing some extra detoxification work on a few key organs.  After about 25 minutes of chakra work, the chakras feel nice and even and I begin to focus on detoxing.
An energetic impression I received during chakra balancing makes me feel drawn to focus o…