My Reiki Journey - Part 10: Developing A Sensory Language

Reiki training gives us a basic framework in which to shape the experience of our reiki practice, but it is our continued practice that gives us the deeper sensory language and more detailed set of experiences through which to understand and communicate what is happening during reiki sessions.

Initially, I only sensed changes in temperature, then as I practiced more I began to sense tingling.  This meant that initially, I could only communicate basic sensory changes to clients, but with even more practice, I began to notice that sometimes that tingling had more of a pulse that could change over a short period of healing focus.  As my experiences grew, my ability to be more acute in what I was sensing started to grow as well.  I started to notice that I wasn't just feeling the sensations in my hands, that sometimes I would feel it in other areas of my own body, which would help provide additional information that wasn't available just through what I could feel in my hands.  Si…

Letting The Cat Out of The Liver Bag - Reiki Healing Moment

A client comes in expressing feeling out of whack after the holidays with an intensive restart at work and expresses the healing intention to get back into alignment and focus more on self-care and wellness.  They're feeling off to a good new year start by booking the reiki session as a time for self-care and healing into their work week.

As I begin an overall energy body scan with my hands, I immediately start to notice that a few chakras are really out of balance, which might relate to some relationship or communication challenges, but otherwise the client's body feels overall healthy and doing well.  At this point, it appears that I'll just be focusing reiki healing on bringing those chakras back into balance, along with doing some extra detoxification work on a few key organs.  After about 25 minutes of chakra work, the chakras feel nice and even and I begin to focus on detoxing.
An energetic impression I received during chakra balancing makes me feel drawn to focus o…

My Reiki Journey - Part 9: Reiki II Distance Healing Session Experience

By far, the most interesting insights and discoveries after Reiki II training came from doing the practice of distance healing work with people who had never experienced it before and were not trained in reiki at all, but were open enough to work at distance by referral, even if we hadn't met in person before.  I'm so grateful for those friends and family member referrals who were willing to let me connect and practice reiki distance healing early on so that I could understand more of what was possible for them and for myself.

Everyone develops their own process over time, but for me, distance healing sessions start with a phone or video call to connect and understand the client's intention for the session, to become aware of any issues or concerns the client may have, and to confirm that the client is in a place and time when they can relax in a way that allows them to more comfortably receive the healing energy available to them.  Technically we don't need to have t…

My Reiki Journey - Part 8: Reiki II Distance Healing

Distance Healing was part of the Reiki II training and practice that surprised me the most.  The level of my surprise was directly proportional to the level of skepticism I'd had around any of it actually working or being validated.  To say the least, I was highly skeptical that any of it would do anything...

After spending so much time learning about Reiki I as a hands-on healing practice with all sorts of different hand positions and learning how to understand various sensations through the hands, to then be tasked with completely removing ourselves from having a physical client body in front of us and immediate sensory experience just seemed like hocus pocus at first. 
This is where practicing Reiki II with a group of people in person made a huge difference, because we were able to try different techniques and share our experiences in ways that helped us understand what Distance Healing might feel like for the receiver/client and the sender/reiki practitioner.  Since much of w…

My Reiki Journey - Part 7: Using Reiki II Symbols

When I entered Reiki II and started to learn about Reiki symbols, I still wasn't quite sure how all of the symbolic stuff fit into the actual practice of Reiki.  Using symbols as a part of my Reiki practice was probably the piece that felt most esoteric to me and took the most time for me to understand and put into practice beyond just going through the motions of using them.  It seemed more removed from the hands-on practice and more mentally centered than the rest of the Reiki experiences, but eventually I gained a deeper understanding around using symbols and their purpose within Reiki.

The symbols are easy enough to find on the internet, so the symbols and what they look like are really not that secretive.  What I've come to understand is that symbols really don't mean anything until we give them intention and power.  We can walk by the same drawing on a window every single day and think it's just a cool drawing.  However, if we know the intent or meaning behind t…

Overcoming Natural Disasters

This is the question I've had to ask myself many times during natural disasters just to get by and back to a place of peace and acceptance about moving through all of it with less anger and fear of what’s ahead.
At first it feels like trauma by way of forced separation between us and the things that give us comfort.  Being forced to release ourselves from our material attachments is probably one of the hardest things because of the precious memories or material attainment they represent. When we rely on material things for comfort, this separation feels like the worst thing in the world.  However, having that separation also brings us back to remembering that life itself is a gift and that good health is far more important than any material item we could own.  
Natural disaster forces us to take stock in our life and clean out what no longer serves us.  We regain a newfound freedom in our life when we begin to feel gratitude for simply being alive and releasing the parts of our s…

My Reiki Journey - Part 6: Reiki Classes vs. Reiki Practice

If you've read My Reiki Journey from Part 1, hopefully it's all starting to feel a little more familiar and less confusing now.  It seems important to emphasize how different taking a Reiki class is from making Reiki a continual practice in your own life.  Just like taking one piano class isn't going to turn you into a piano player and taking one yoga class isn't going to make your body more flexible.  Reiki is a practice that needs to be experienced frequently in order for it to be better understood.

I often hear of programs that suggest fast-track progress, but then don't emphasize the importance of self-care or the dedication to the energetic journey after finishing a class.  Based on my own Reiki journey, the work of Reiki is so much more than a methodology and set of tools.  A class is just an introduction.  It's really in the experiencing and practicing regularly that it becomes real and understandable. Without regularly applying it into our own life and…