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My Reiki Journey - Part 8: Reiki II Distance Healing

Distance Healing was part of the Reiki II training and practice that surprised me the most.  The level of my surprise was directly proportional to the level of skepticism I'd had around any of it actually working or being validated.  To say the least, I was highly skeptical that any of it would do anything...

After spending so much time learning about Reiki I as a hands-on healing practice with all sorts of different hand positions and learning how to understand various sensations through the hands, to then be tasked with completely removing ourselves from having a physical client body in front of us and immediate sensory experience just seemed like hocus pocus at first. 
This is where practicing Reiki II with a group of people in person made a huge difference, because we were able to try different techniques and share our experiences in ways that helped us understand what Distance Healing might feel like for the receiver/client and the sender/reiki practitioner.  Since much of w…

My Reiki Journey - Part 7: Using Reiki II Symbols

When I entered Reiki II and started to learn about Reiki symbols, I still wasn't quite sure how all of the symbolic stuff fit into the actual practice of Reiki.  Using symbols as a part of my Reiki practice was probably the piece that felt most esoteric to me and took the most time for me to understand and put into practice beyond just going through the motions of using them.  It seemed more removed from the hands-on practice and more mentally centered than the rest of the Reiki experiences, but eventually I gained a deeper understanding around using symbols and their purpose within Reiki.

The symbols are easy enough to find on the internet, so the symbols and what they look like are really not that secretive.  What I've come to understand is that symbols really don't mean anything until we give them intention and power.  We can walk by the same drawing on a window every single day and think it's just a cool drawing.  However, if we know the intent or meaning behind t…