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My Reiki Journey - Part 4 Observing Outside Energy

Once I felt like I had mastered my own energy better, and had a better sense of what was and wasn't "mine", it became easier to recognize when things happening in my body were coming from an outside influence.  This is truly the most challenging part of energy work- really recognizing and understanding what energy is originating from within or just visiting during certain circumstances.
(Did you already read Part 3 - Managing My Own Energy?)

The big question that everyone asks about Reiki is "HOW does it work?!"

While science doesn't have a definitive answer to this question yet, I think the answer lies somewhere in the research behind these kinds of questions...
How do hugs improve blood pressure?How does staring into a dog's eyes increase oxytocin levels in the blood?How do women who live in the same house sync their menstrual cycles?How does quantum entanglement work? At a scientific level, we know that these things are observable, measurable, and r…

My Reiki Journey - Part 3 Managing My Own Energy

Once Reiki training helped me better manage my own energy and energetic sensitivity, it became much easier for me to distinguish between what energy was actually mine and when I was sensing something from other people.  It's all so confusing at first, because the way energetic sensitivity works (in my body) is that I feel things happening inside my own body even when they have nothing to do with my condition.  So, until we have a very firm grasp on what energy originates in our body and what is actually affecting our body from the outside - it can feel like all energies happening inside our body also completely originate from us.  (Curious about Part 1 & Part 2 of My Reiki Journey?)

For someone who is energetically sensitive, "all the feels" can be happening "all the time."  All the icky feelings, all the romantic feelings, all the hurtful feelings, all the health feelings- it's all there, all the time.  Just learning how to manage our own "feels&…