My Reiki Journey - Part 4 Observing Outside Energy

Once I felt like I had mastered my own energy better, and had a better sense of what was and wasn't "mine", it became easier to recognize when things happening in my body were coming from an outside influence.  This is truly the most challenging part of energy work- really recognizing and understanding what energy is originating from within or just visiting during certain circumstances.
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The big question that everyone asks about Reiki is "HOW does it work?!"

"I'm invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me..." Glenn Ligon Inv#0201

While science doesn't have a definitive answer to this question yet, I think the answer lies somewhere in the research behind these kinds of questions...
At a scientific level, we know that these things are observable, measurable, and related even though we still do not understand exactly "why" or "how" they happen.  This is a lot like Reiki- we can observe certain changes in bio-energy over time, but I can't tell you exactly why those shifts happened or what exactly caused the movement.

There are forces unseen, like the wind, a fragrance, sweltering heat, or an electric shock, which affect our lives and shape them in ways we cannot control. #believe

It wasn't until I started doing Distance Reiki while studying Reiki 2 that I really started to experience the many different ways we can be energetically linked, and what kind of information can be transferred during those energetic exchanges.  Likewise, the amount and type of information I receive can be as varied and unique as the person I'm working with.

With hands-on Reiki, most of the sensations and information I receive tend to be physical in nature: heat, pulsing, density, pressure, coldness, tingling, pain, etc.  When I work hand-off in the energetic field or with Distance Reiki, I tend to get more mental impressions like images, colors, elements, phrases, words, or even a song that seems to be unique to the person I'm working on.  Many Reiki practitioners adopt a practice of silence and not mentioning the sensations they experience, because often the next question might be "what does that mean?"  Usually those are the questions that clients need to continue investigating on their own, because the answer is somewhere in their own body or lived experiences.

Life is not a matter of choosing the right door.  It is a matter of living with whatever door we have chosen and making the most of it. #randomthoughts

Unfortunately, energetic sensations don't come with reasons attached.  I don't know "why" someone's left knee feels like it's on fire, and they might not even know why, but if we both sense an unusual level of heat, than we both know that "something" is happening there.  Experiences and feelings can be deceptive as well because we may not experience the same sensations.  There have been times when a client experienced a lot of energetic movement in the form of tingling, while I felt nothing, and vice versa.  What we do know, is that Reiki is "working" for the highest good of the client, even when we don't exactly understand what's happening.  Just as scientists still don't understand exactly how gravity works, but it doesn't mean that gravity isn't working or is any less a force of nature.

... Have you ever stepped into a place and felt a "bad vibe" even though everything looked beautiful and perfectly fine on the surface?  Have you ever had a "gut feeling" about someone that you didn't have any explanation for?  Do you trust those feelings or do you write them off?

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